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Rainbow Calf Scour Test NEW NEW NEW Rainbow Calf Scour Test NEW NEW NEW
Most convenient new calf (lamb, piglet) scour test on the market. One-step-handling for Maximum Hygiene and best results. Available for Rota-,Coronavirus, E.coli, Crypto and Clostrium perfringens testing. 5 calves can be tested. Takes only 8-10 minutes. Very accurate results.
from 65,00 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Rainbow Calf Scour Test NEW NEW NEW' order
Dry Matter Analysis Instrument (fully automized)
Quidee DMA, DryMatterAnalysis
This highly cost competive fully automated dry matter analysing instrument allows nutritionists to get needed data on farm/at the feedbunk level within less than 1 hour. Highly accurate and very convenient to work with.
Several drying programms are pre-installed, ease to use.
Max load is 110 g, highly accurate 99% +/+1.
Weight is 3,8 kg, size 29 x 18,5 x 17 cm.
220 Volt.
749,00 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Dry Matter Analysis Instrument (fully automized)' order
The new treatment and surgery method for all types of teat
lesions offers a very practical, simple and easy way to successfully
regain milkability. As the risk for clinical mastitis seems
lower than reported elsewhere, the permanent milk flow system
obviously seems to allow a faster and complete healing process
at a very low infection risk due to the permanent open teat canal
with consistent flushing.
34,90 EUR
plus. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'TEAT-Flow' order