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mastDecide 58,00 EUR
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new new new - a new age of cow side mastitis testing

mastDecide offers a new and wide range of possibiities in modern and evidence based mastitis treatment decisions. Faster, very accurate and easy to handle and to read - these are the unique properties of this test.

How does it work?

Put a little mastitis milk into 2 small test agar vessels and let them incubate. Depending on the presence of certain bacteria, they will change colour within the next 12 til 14 hours.

 Only in case, if both test vessels turn into white, there is a need for antibiotic treatment. Thus saving more than 50 % and more antibiotics.

No need to say, that each single mastitis case should be treated with NSAID. Thus a lot of mastitis cases dont cause any withdrawal time. Less antibiotic treatment, less antimicrobial resistance risk and less spreading of AB into the environment.

mastDecide is therefore the upmost moderne and progressive treatment decision aid.

based on the positive experiences in the US, where this selective mastitis treatment is the gold standard, this test was developed at the University of Hannover.

It is cost effective, with a very high accuracy and therefore a must have for any modern vet and farmer.

One package comes with 10 tests and equipment (pippetors, vessels, wipes etc.)

we offer as well an incubator as very good cost ratio (Art No. 0271)

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 09. January 2018.

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